Being fully aware of your here & now prepare you to reach your dreams

Being fully aware of your here and now prepare you to reach your God-inspired Dreams

As the year rushes towards its end, it quickly becomes frantic as we try to fit in all we hoped to get done and achieve. It sounds counterintuitive to stop and acknowledge all that is going on in our heads and hearts.

Acknowledge the status quo: Sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich will not be helpful. But that is exactly what we do when we do not pay attention to all the information at our disposal. How our brains work

Brain research indicates that we first respond with a feeling towards an experience. That feeling prompts a thought, and then we take action based on the thought we had. Our feelings and thoughts are just as important as the hard facts we can verify.

When we acknowledge all that is going on, it allows our brains to stop finding ways to remind us of all the challenges and instead start finding a solution to overcome the challenges. Think of it as doing a SWOT analysis of what is going on currently. In the process, get real with yourself about what you are thinking and feeling as well.

Every man has a train of thought on which he rides when he is alone. The dignity and nobility of his life, as well as his happiness, depend upon the direction in which that train is going, the baggage it carries, and the scenery through which it travels. – Joseph Fort Newton

Remember your vision: At times the challenges can feel like an avalanche heading our way. Or it can be an unrelenting drain on our energy as we fight day after day to break thru the barricades in our path. It reminds me of this children’s song about going on a bear hunt. Reminding ourselves of the vision, renews our energy and allow us to recognise and capitalise on the opportunities amongst the challenges.

Evaluate your options: Just as there was a way through the wheat field or over the river in the song, there are different ways in which we can overcome the challenges hindering us in reaching our vision. When we take the time to reflect and truly recognise what we are experiencing, it can create an opportunity to charter a new path. We might find a way around that barricade that we have not been able to move.

Identify the distractions: Sometimes the distractions are not so much the physical challenges, but rather what we allow in our heads and hearts. Those thoughts and feelings will influence our behaviour regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not. Bringing our thoughts and feelings into our conscious, allows us to evaluate the validity thereof in the specific situation and determine an appropriate action aligned with our vision. Our belief system could be another distraction. A belief system is the internal rules we live life by and extends far beyond just our religious beliefs. Much of it is in our subconscious. It is when we evaluate the why behind what we do, that we can re-discover some of those beliefs.  We might even find that we are holding onto a belief that is hindering us in reaching our dream. When we become conscious of these beliefs, we have the opportunity to change it.

Locate the resources you need: Luckily we are not alone on this planet but have many companions on this journey of life. When we have taken the time to re-evaluate our journey plans, we will start recognising the resources when our paths cross with those of our companions. Travelling together makes a journey so much more enjoyable.

Re-pack your suitcase: We all know a suitcase have a limited capacity. When we have renewed our vision, evaluated our thoughts and feelings, checked whether our belief system is supporting our vision and located the additional resources, it is time to leave behind those things we will no longer need for the journey.

Embark on the rest of your journey: With a renewed focus and energy we will speed towards our dream destination well equipped to overcome the challenges and recognise the opportunities.

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