My journey informs how I work

Thea Viljoen

Transformational Coach

The wind turbine is to me a picture of my life. A wind turbine has a massive foundation which enables it to remain standing in strong winds while generating electricity. It achieves its purpose especially in circumstances that seem difficult in the natural. The blades going round and round seem so effortless. The pillar remains stable and firmly rooted in its foundation. The turbine head turns to align the blades with the direction of the wind.

I am firmly rooted in Christ and determined to truly live my values. I am influenced by my rural upbringing, my life experiences in South Africa and Europe, my training as a chartered accountant and as a coach and my working experience in the financial services and not for profit sectors. That foundation forms the principles by which I live my life. My values inform my choices, when to turn my head to the left or the right, and when to stand by my convictions. The turbine is a picture of my tenacity to persevere despite the circumstances and to grow amidst the storms. and in fact to generate from that beauty and growth. I remain attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit for optimal resourcefulness in problem-solving.

As a coach, the wind turbine reminds me that I am the custodian of your goal and that determines the direction the of turbine head. I remain firmly rooted in the principles of coaching and true to my values. The blades turning are the questions I ask capitalising on years of business experience. It is your own thinking that will generate your solutions and help you discover that what would enthuse you toward achieving your goals.

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