Services to bring about transformation

Transformational Coaching

Coaching is a goal-focused conversation to think through and arrive at a solution that would fit best with your unique circumstances. In individual coaching, the sessions can be tailored to your unique needs. Group sessions are designed around a common goal and presented in a small group setting. The online coaching program enables you to independently work through sessions. I use the ENTHUSE model to work at a transformational level.

Even though you might choose to work in one area of your life, transformational coaching is likely, because of its very nature, to result in changes in other areas of your life. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself before you embark on a coaching journey.

Am I willing ...

  • To understand my own deep-rooted beliefs, assumptions and views, take ownership for how that drives my behaviour and make the necessary changes in order to achieve my goals
  • To invest the time and resources necessary in order to gain the maximum benefit from coaching
  • To expense the emotional and mental energy necessary to persevere through the change process even when the going gets tough
  • To confront my comfort zones and broaden my horizons
  • To challenge destructive thinking patterns and internal dialogue when I recognise it and to acknowledge and change self-defeating behavioural patterns that limit my success

Synchronising transformation with business processes

Transformation can be hard even if we want it for ourselves, our people or our businesses. It does help when the business processes are aligned with the values and mission of the organisation.

I consult on business process changes required to support cultural transformation in organisations.

Life Coaching

Your life is not compartmentalised in neat boxes but intertwined. A work decision could influence your family. Recreational activities could impact your health which could have repercussions for your finances and or family or work.

Life coaching can help you untangle the strands that make up your life and re-assemble it in a way that works for you.

Group life coaching programs are available.

Career Coaching

Work consumes a significant portion of your week. Career coaching can help you overcome challenges such as:

  • Determining the career path best suited to your unique strengths, skills and experience
  • Finding a productive way to alleviate the conflict in work relationships
  • Determining the best tactics to advance your career
  • Hitting the ground running within your new position or role
  • Re-inventing yourself to better manage changing circumstances at work or at home
  • Improving your performance rating

Group career coaching programs are available.

Executive Coaching

As a past executive, I know full well the demands of leading people in a complex and competitive marketplace. Executive coaching provides a sounding board for you to evaluate your decisions and its implications for the organisation and its people. It helps you define priorities, increase self-awareness and strategize how to achieve the desired outcomes of the business. It could also impact the personal components of your life.

TotalSDI suite of assessments

The TotalSDI suite of assessments consists of three separate self-assessment questionnaires with its feedback additions. This can be facilitated in a group setting or incorporated in your individual coaching journey. These assessments are more than a personality analysis as it reflects how you see yourself and others from the perspective of your motives. This insight will help you understand the sources of key relationship difficulties and empower you to better utilise your strengths and improve your interactions with others.

  • The Strength deployment inventory (SDI) assessment reflects how your motives influence your behaviour when things are going well versus when you are experiencing conflict. This can be used to enhance team performance and to facilitate effective conflict resolution
  • The Strength Portrait shows how you value and use your strengths in relationships. This provides an opportunity to consider the way these strengths work together and how they connect with your motives
  • The Overdone Strengths Portrait reflects how you may appear to others when your strengths are overdone of misapplied. Awareness of this enables you to adapt your behaviour to better suit your goals

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