How do we worship during the virus lockdown?

The lockdown period because of the virus sure disrupted our normal way of doing church. No church service on Sunday, no cell group on Wednesday. Can’t even get to worship practice or have my walks with Dad on the beach. It made me wonder how God might be wanting to shift our perspective on worship and serving Him.

Worship is to bow down, to prostrate yourself before the Lord. Yes, flat on your face. That is the meaning of the word in Hebrew (shâchâh) and in Greek (proskuneō).

The first time the word is used in the Bible is when God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on Mt Moriah. Abraham takes action the very next morning but it takes more than two days to get to the right spot.

When God sent Moses to Egypt to free Israel from slavery, it was with the promise that they would worship Him at Mt Sinai. God gave them two days to clean up and prepare themselves to bring their sacrifices. He gave them the blueprint of the tabernacle, the way to worship Him.

Each time there was a time of preparation.

David changed the dynamics of worship when he introduced a veil of human worship around the Ark of the Covenant. He expanded the perspective of what worship is. It used to be the sacrifices as per the directions God gave at Mt Sinai. David added singing and music. But it did not happen overnight. His first attempt at bringing the Ark to Jerusalem ended dismally. A man died as he reached out to “stabilise the box” with human effort. Insufficient respect for the Glory it represented. He spent time searching the scriptures to find where he had gone wrong and hear from God what is the new He wanted to introduce. Then he told the priests and Levites to make themselves holy that as a nation they can do this the right way.

Our president has placed the country in lockdown for 21 days. It takes 21 days (say some experts) to break habits. It is the season of Passover when Israel was set free from physical slavery. The season when Jesus set us free from spiritual slavery and again changed the dynamics of worship.

Is this our preparation time for something significant God is planning?

As I meditated on this for the last few days, this is what I sensed God is saying for this time of preparation.

Let us use the time wisely to break out of what holds us back and reveal the brilliance God placed in each of us.

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