Sudden interruptions in plans

A letter came in the post-box from the city today: “INTERRUPTION TO ELECTRICITY SUPPLY”. Yip. Bold and in Caps. No electricity for the whole day. That is my reality today. I often forget how dependent we are on these basics.

How quickly can you adjust your plans when they get derailed? And be ok with it emotionally?

To me “ok with it” means not stressing about all the stuff I wanted to do. Not constantly thinking about how this day should have worked out. Not getting all upset. That would only hold me back from adjusting to the new reality, however uncomfortable. I always say adapting and being flexible are values that I hold. Today is the day that calls for living them out.

One way this works for me is to see unexpected interruptions as an adventure. This creates energy and excitement for me. Then my brain is automatically more alert to finding solutions and different options. Staying positive about that change will be more helpful to problem solve, especially if the change does create some sort of crisis or challenge.

Plan for a 1000 year journey but be ready to abandon ship at a moment’s notice.

This is one of my favourite quotes as it clearly captures the idea of flexibility. So adapting to not having electricity means a change of plan. I will clearly not be working on that big project on my laptop. Ther is just not enough battery power, let alone reliable internet access. So I create a few options:

  • I could go for coffee with a friend that does not live in my immediate area. But that means getting the car out of the garage. Without electricity, the garage door is too heavy and won’t stay open. A quick run over to the neighbour solves that problem as he holds open the door while I drive out. All set for a visit in a few hours.
  • I guess today is a day for friends. Another friend sent a Whatsapp message inviting me over for pancakes. Yum!
  • A walk on the beach will definitely be on the cards.
  • I could work on that mosaic project that I just don’t get to. Today I really can’t feel guilty about not working on my laptop, not doing household chores or all that jazz.
  • I could cut-out the pattern for the dress I want to make.

So quickly, before I run out of my last bit of battery power, let me post this blog.

Here’s a confession: it is not always this easy to adapt to circumstances. In such situations, I find it useful to ponder what exactly it is I believe that is hindering me from adapting.  Those limiting beliefs are often what trip us up in life to achieve our purpose.

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