Mar 11, 2017
Little donkey

What is your donkey carrying?

I was reading the book of Exodus the other day. That’s strange, why do you need to break its neck? What is so significant about a donkey? I do not recall God saying that about any other animal. It made […]
Mar 3, 2017
weird shape parcels of provision

About birds and weird shaped parcels

I was watching a black oyster-catcher and seagull this morning scurrying across the beach hunting for food and noticed how amazingly God has equipped them with wisdom. Yes, He provides food for them, the mussels and crabs and other sea […]
Feb 19, 2017

Making mistakes

Each of these reactions tells us a bit of what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. I recently made a mistake… a really big one that involved many zeros. It was not a mistake I could hide […]
Feb 19, 2017

Finding my way when I can’t see a thing

I started colouring this card the night before and this is what I held onto the next day while going through what had to be my scariest driving experience. I was driving from the Western Cape to the Free State, […]