About birds and weird shaped parcels

weird shape parcels of provision

I was watching a black oyster-catcher and seagull this morning scurrying across the beach hunting for food and noticed how amazingly God has equipped them with wisdom. Yes, He provides food for them, the mussels and crabs and other sea life to munch on. But some of the food was a bit hard to get to. Maybe the oyster-catcher was a young bird. It looked small. It picked at something but abandoned it. Shortly afterwards the seagull picked it up off the sand and flew over to the rocks and dropped the black object. Repeatedly. Perhaps it was a mussel. The wind was strong, so it flew a wide circle to get in the right position – probably over the sharper rocks. It impressed on me that God not only provided the food, He also gifted the bird with wisdom to extract the goodies inside the parcel.

How often do I moan because the parcel God provides for me seems inconvenient? Or do I fail to see the provision altogether, because I don’t recognise that the wrapping contains treasure? Or maybe I want it delivered on a silver tray, all ready for consumption whilst God has provided me with a mussel that I need to expend effort to break open.

May you be blessed to see the treasures hidden in unlikely wrapping and may you persevere to break open that which God has provided for you in this season!

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