Being my true self

Being my true self

Being my true self is when I am being who I was made to be, utilising the gifts and talents I was given to the full potential. That is a place of awe, and where strife is lacking. There is a rhythm to it, a natural momentum, an ease of being. I am energised even though I expense effort.

In my journey I have discovered a couple of tools that help to shed light on who I am, the things that truly make me tick. Often though, there are instances where I have gained key insights from those things that truly tick me off. Analysing the things that upset me tought me two important things: either there was an area where I was deeply hurt and I had not worked through those emotions yet, or if the hurt spoke to the core of my being; to those things that truly matter to me.

When it comes to the things that make me tick, it is those things that come naturally to me and are kind of effortless. Some talents I have always had, and when I am busy with them, it always energises me. It is as if there is this energy source within me that allows me to go on and on and on, like the Duracell bunny advertisement of years back. Coaching does that for me too, as does playing my tambourine. Joy just rises up as I do these things. I also feel immense peace from a walk on the beach with my feet in the shallow water, catching glimpses of a dragon fly at the water side.

You will go out with joy and be led out in peace. The mountains and the hills will break into songs of joy in your presence, and the trees will clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

Recently the toddler of a friend got so excited just talking about digging up something and building something else, his legs started shaking. His body was communicating that this is something he felt strongly about. How about you? What are the things your body is telling you are important to you? What were those things that excited you as a child, a teenager, or a young adult? Maybe before the pressures and expectations of life chipped away at your resolve and believe in yourself. What are those things that fill you with calm and peace? What are those things that cause an inexplicable joy to rise up within you? What are the things you dreamed about doing, but life and fear have suppressed or drowned out?

It is when you are able to tap into the energy and gifts God placed within you that you are able to do things in an effortless manner. Then you become an original masterpiece in your everyday life, a truly unique work of art.

Each of us is a special part of this wonderfully unique puzzle that is life. To find our place in it and to be the right piece that fits harmoniously into the whole puzzle, we need to do what we are designed to do. –Dr Caroline Leaf.

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